About Drupal

Drupal is a CMS (Content Management System) software package that is used to build and manage the content of a website. Drupal has matured over the years into a high quality open source CMS. It is an excellent, high return, low risk choice for your next website project, for many reasons including:

It’s Open Source, which means that it’s:

  • Free and there are no license fees to use the software.
  • Supported and contributed to by a large global community of passionate developers.
  • Easy to find other developers or companies who can work with the same technology (unlike a proprietary system which often requires specialist insider knowledge). This means there’s no vendor lock in – in other words no forced attachment to your developer.

What’s more, Drupal:

  • Is high quality, tried and tested, and mature – its future is looking long and bright!
  • Facilitates rapid development – allowing us to get results quickly.
  • Is feature rich and highly customisable and flexible due to the availability of thousands of modules that extend its core functionality.
  • Is Extendable – modular design supports the creation of custom modules.
  • Makes it easy for administrators/you to manage website content.
  • Is built with the future in mind – and considers emerging technologies.
  • Uses industry standard hosting environment – Drupal runs on the LAMP stack hosting environment: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP – also all open source.
  • Enjoys backing from a team dedicated to tracking and responding to security issues.