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About Drupal

Drupal is a web-based software package that can be used to build and manage the content of a website. There are literally thousands of software packages that accomplish this task in some shape or form, but Drupal is different because:

  • Quick & Easy Setup - Building websites with Drupal is quick and easy.
  • No vendor lock in - meaning you can take your website system and content to another developer or hosting provider very easily.
  • No licensing costs - the Drupal software is licensed under the GPL – an open source software license.
  • 1000’s of Modules - there is already a vast range of high quality modules that plug into the Drupal platform to extend its functionality, so chances are a solution already exists.
  • Easy to extend – Drupal is modular in design, meaning it’s easy to develop custom modules.
  • Industry standard hosting environment – Drupal runs on the LAMP hosting environment stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP – also all open source.
  • Drupal has a dedicated team to track and respond to security issues.

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