Open Source versus Proprietary CMS's

The terms Open Source and Proprietary refer to the two very different approaches to the development, control and commercialization of computer software.

Itomic believe that both types of software have their place, and when it comes to Content Management Systems, we discuss with our clients which one is best for them.

Here are a few reasons why a Proprietary CMS may not be suitable for your website solution:

  • Vendor Lock-in. It can be difficult to get support from anyone else except the software provider.
  • Cost. Initial and/or ongoing and/or per user.
  • Slow to respond. If there's a new feature you desperately want, it can be slow arriving via a proprietary vendor.

On the other hand, a Proprietary CMS may provide the following benefits:

  • Improved security. The source code isn’t publicly available, it’s usually not susceptible to site defacements (itomic do have a solution for this: Drupal Security Contracts).
  • Tighter integration with other software from the same vendor.

Itomic build websites Drupal and Wordpress - both free and open source. If you are still unsure about which path to take, we'd love to chat.