About Itomic

Itomic Pty Ltd is a professional web/app development company with offices in Melbourne, Perth and Vancouver.

Itomic started life in July of 2000 and officially became 'Itomic Pty Ltd' on March 1st 2003.

We always have been and always will be a supporter of FOSS: free open source software.

In the early days we built our own CMS (Content Management System). The quality of our CMS was a key differentiating factor in the industry, at time when commercial CMS were either very expensive, or low quality, and sometimes both.

Around about 2007/8 the quality of FOSS CMS had improved to the point where we were comfortable getting on board. And so we did, first with Drupal, then WordPress, and more recently Laravel (but that's another story...).

So yes, we are Drupal experts, but we're technology solutions providers first. Because if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

We have a very strong service ethic. We call it Super Customer Service (SCS). It's a very unifying principle. In order to provide SCS, we have to be better at everything that we do.

Our mission? Discover yours.