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Price increase for Itomic Drupal Security Contracts from 1 July 2018

Please be advised that, from 1 July 2018, Itomic will be increasing the price of its Drupal Security Contract service offering by 25%.

This is the first price increase for this service since it was offered up in about 2010.

The price reflects the average amount of effort, for an average (size/complexity) Drupal site, to ensure the effective security monitoring and patching of that site. Effort includes:

  1. Itomic’s licence costs for security monitoring software.
  2. The hands-on action of developers to apply and test the patches to the staging version of the site, and later to the live version of the site. Note that we monitor and patch Drupal core files and all installed Drupal modules.
  3. Email communications to our clients to alert them to when patches have been applied to the staging and live sites, plus any additional comms/questions that may arise as a consequence.

We’ve been under pressure to increase the price for some time due to rising labour costs. This year Drupal has been the target of a larger than normal amount of Drupal security issues – some of them highly critical – which has acted as the catalyst for us to raise the price by 25% from 1 July 2018. You can read about the major Drupal core security advisories here: https://www.drupal.org/security

fyi: The new annual price equates to approx 1hr 15min per month per site of labour at our standard hourly rate.


At Itomic we remain, as always, committed to maintaining the security of all the Drupal sites we look after. We do this at price that makes it financially viable for us, and delivers a high quality, peace-of-mind service to our valued clients.

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Published date : Jun 07, 2018
Last updated : Jun 08, 2018

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