Drupal Web Hosting & Domain Name Management

Itomic offer a reliable and hassle free Website Hosting service that supports all Drupal core features and common 3rd party module features.

Below is a list of the features included in all web hosting products from itomic:

  • Automated daily, weekly, and monthly backups - in the rare event that something happens to your site, backups ensure downtime is short and data not lost.
  • Control Panel - Create unlimited email accounts using your domain name, plus many more features.
  • Web Statistics and Reporting - Allows you to see where people are going, and what they're doing on your site.
  • Ample monthly bandwidth allowance - Ensures your site can handle large amounts of traffic without additional cost.
  • Optional SSL Certificate (Secure Server) - Secures transactions for your website visitors.

For more information about Itomic’s hosting services,  please get in contact with us today.

Itomic can also offer a comprehensive domain name management service, which includes the following:

  • Domain Name Advice - Certain domain names are better for your organisation, products and services. We'll tell you why.
  • Registration of available domain names - Don't concern yourself with the complexities of registering domain names - let Itomic handle it for you.
  • Management of your domain name portfolio - Do you have multiple domain names from previous business arrangements? Consolidate them all into a single,  organised portfolio managed by experts.
  • Monitoring of already registered domain names - Is the domain name you want already registered?  We can attempt to register them for you if/when they become available.
  • Renewal reminders - We'll handle the renewal,  but we'll always check in advance that you want your domain names renewed.

For more information about Itomic’s hosting services, please get in contact with us today.